Sarah Bostoen

Sarah Bostoen

The driving force behind this company is dancer and choreographer Sarah Bostoen.
She studied at the Fontys Dance Academy in Tilburg (The Netherlands), where she graduated in 2007.

Apart from performing in several projects and collaborating with other choreographers and companies, Sarah makes her own work.
As a freelancer and for compagnie Monica.
Under this flag, she created two solo's: It's all about my birthday (2010) and Sometimes the blues is just a passing bird (2013), nominated for the SideBySide-net (NRW Düsseldorf). 

The creation 'Glimpses in Turbid Water' (2015), a duet for Esse Vanderbruggen and Miguel Do Vale, had it's première in november 2015 and toured in Belgium and The Netherlands. 

The latest production 'Poetic Machine' premiered in november 2018, where she researched on the power, and lack of power of our brain.
This resulted in a surrealistic dance performance, performed by Esse Vanderbruggen and Sarah herself. 

Sarah got the title 'cultural ambassador' from the city of Roeselare for the period 2017-2019.